Anand Deshbhratar is a Freelance Educational Consultant, a Faculty member in the Centre for Global Leadership Development (CGLD), Bangalore, and an Ordained Minister of Assemblies of God, India. Currently working in the capacity of e-Learning Programmes Coordinator at Global School of Open Learning (GSOL). He was originally trained in Electronics and Telecomm. Engineering and worked as a lecturer in the Department of E&Tc Engineering at the Institute of Technology (2009-2014). 

Moved to Bangalore in 2014 to pursue his higher studies in Theology. Over these years, he has developed his interest in Christian Education, Curriculum Designing, Course Writing, Instructional Designing for eLearning, ICT in Education, Classical Theology, and Interdisciplinary Studies in the field of Theology and Science.  

Recently, he has celebrated his decade long journey (2009 - Present) in the field of education and EduTech. He is happily married to Anna (Choden Bhutia) and blessed with a son, Vihaan.

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