About Us

1. Who we are?

As per Matthew 7:7 "...seek and you will find..." SeekersQuest is guiding seekers on their quest for life. 

There is a great need for Digital strategy in today's generation. A digital strategy is using media in its fullest form for the mission. It is a part of the fulfillment of the great commission. We live in a rapidly changing world. However, our Call remains unchanged. Out of the 7 billion people in the world,  5 billion are not connected to the community of God. The best tool that the church can use is the Internet as it has access to most parts of the world. By 2020 80% of the world will use a smartphone.

Our motive should be to go where people are, to be there at the time of their need, and help them to grow holistically. 

With this in mind, started as a Cyber Ministry Project in 2016 at Southern Asia Bible College Bangalore, we started Rethinking a Church and its Mission with the cutting edge technology of the present age. The vision is to take the Church outside of the traditional boundaries of the four walls and make it truly a global open online community. 

Mission Statement

"SeekersQuest is called by God to guide people seeking answers for Life's greatest questions and encourage them to become true disciples of Jesus Christ by teaching truth using the available online platforms and media." 

In SeekersQuest, we are committed to one-to-one discipleship and developing the agents of transformation for the Kingdom of God.


1.    To be available for Seekers.
2.    Help Seekers to find answers to their quest.
3.    Offer Seekers a safe place to ask and share life and questions.
4.    Bring Seekers into contact with True God and fellow Christians (Online/Offline).
5.    One-to-one Online Discipleship.

Our Departments

Our Team

  • Anand Deshbhratar (M.Div, B.E. E&Tc Engg.) [ 2016 - Present ]
  • Vijay Deshbratar (B.E. Electronics, VFX Design) [ 2016 - Present ]
  • Choden Bhutia (M.Div., PGDPM-CP, Pursuing M.Sc. Counseling Psychology) [ 2018 - Present ]
  • Sudeep Naik (M.Div.) [ 2021 - Present ]
  • Suzanna Bhutia (Pursuing PhD. Counseling Psychology, M.Sc. Counseling Psychology) [2021 - Present ]